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Future Surface Water Management
In a recent edition of Builder Merchants Magazine, Glyn Hyett, Founder-member and Director of the UK Rainwater Management Association, writes about how to mitigate the problems of Winter floods and Summer droughts. The solution, Glyn summises, is two fold. To “… store sufficient surplus Winter rainfall to meet subsequent summer requirements without relying upon river […]
Flooding and Drought Avoidance must be linked, says UKRHA
Terry Nash, the Director of the UK Rainwater Harvesting Association (UKRHA) this year wrote an open letter to the Prime Minister providing an outline for a plan to tackle both flooding and drought as one issue. Following the hugely disruptive flooding of this winter, Government announced its plans to deal with the environmental and economic […]
Rainwater Harvesting FAQs
What Happens during a drought? A full rainwater harvesting system will automatically take water from the mains when rain is scarce. Is the water clean? Rainwater tanks have filters to remove debris and particles, so the water is clean. How much water can a system harvest? This depends on variables such as the catchment area […]
Water Butt Maintenance
Water butt maintenance is a pretty simple process, and certainly worth the little effort it takes to keep your greenery in good health. You shouldn’t need to carry out maintenance checks more than once per year, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important – ignoring the butt’s needs will leave you with smelly, algae-covered water […]
Conservatives to cut funding to countryside Wind Farms
Having already laid waste to the Code for Sustainable Homes, the Conservative party is expected to announce a cut to the funding of onshore wind farms in favour of their more expensive offshore counterparts. The environmentally questionable move, which was strongly hinted at by Tory chairman Grant Shapps last week, is expected to form a […]
Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Launches
After what feels like a long wait, the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) has been launched today, offering cash incentives to people who heat their homes or water with a renewable heating system.  Payments are made to households who install low carbon systems to attempt to lessen the divide between those stuck using fossil fuels […]
3P Technik Water Butts: a Brief Guide
Rainwater harvesting to for your garden and plants is the most natural method of making sure your environment is properly hydrated. Avoiding watering the garden with drinking water means using less energy, losing less money, and better benefiting the environment. Why use a Water Butt? When properly set up, a water butt is able to provide all of the water necessary to keep a garden thriving during […]
Filtered Rainwater Harvesting for Gardening
There are a few simple steps you can take when harvesting rainwater to use as a part of your sustainable gardening routine which will ensure you keep your supply safe, clean, and constant. Harvesting rainwater as it travels through a downpipe is achieved by diverting the flow halfway down from the pipe into a tank. It is […]
Rainwater Harvesting without the Code for Sustainable Homes
Here in the UK, our water supplies are under a great strain due to a number of contributing factors. The main identifiable issues are our increasing individual consumption of water, an ever-expanding population, and alterations to the patterns of rainfall in the country as a result of recent climate change. Such issues have been reflected […]
The Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting with WaterButtShop
Rainwater harvesting to take care of your garden, plants, and animals is the most natural way of ensuring that your garden is sufficiently watered. By not using drinking water for non-drinking purposes, you will use less energy, spend less money, and do a better job for the environment. Why use a Water Butt? When properly used, a water butt […]